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12 Month - Debt Payoff Update

December 20th, 2017 at 07:49 pm

Hi, it's been a while again but I decided to post my 12 month review to reflect on the debt progress. Last December DW and I made a decision to live financially healthier lives so that we can achieve goals that seemed really far fetched.

Welp folks, it's been one year already! Can you believe it? Time sure does fly. Smile I'm happy to report in the previous 12 months we have paid of $18,478 in credit card debt. We started at $40,714 and now reside at $22,236. Honestly, the best decision we could have made for ourselves and our family. By January 1, the debt should go down by another $1500 or so since there is one paycheck left in the year.

We are still using YNAB and totally swear by it but I have to admit I do not check YNAB everyday. We reconcile the accounts often enough for us not to get too far behind. Our habits have allowed us not to rely so much on YNAB to keep us on track, being financially healthy is a mental game that can sometimes break you. You just have to keep it going.

On a personal note, February 1st I will be done with my first year of my MBA and my anticipated graduation date is January 2019. DS car took a dump so I sold him my 14 year old Toyota Corolla and we decided to lease a 2017 Honda Civic since I drive 7 miles each way to work. I know the monthly debt payment isn't ideal but boy it's nice to have a reliable car and a year ago we would not have been able to afford it due to the debt and credit scores because of the debt. DW still has her 13 year old car and in about 2 years we will get her a paid in full used car. I took a month off work in October and it felt so nice to have the cash in the bank for all our vacation plans. We used zero credit cards, honestly the best feeling ever. So it's been a solid few months of continued progress both financially and personally.

For 2018 our goals are to finish paying off CC#9, which is slated for end of February. Rather than pay off CC#7 and because it's on a 5 year (3 years left) 0% installment plan we are going to keep the monthly payments of $350 going and then try to tackle the student loan debt and work on starting an emergency fund for ourselves. Rents in our area are increasing rapidly (remember I live in SoCal), we have thought about looking into a home purchase program called NACA. We may take it more seriously around the middle of 2018 depending on how we do with the debt and savings overall.

A huge thanks to the community on this site for the support! I wish you all blessings and prosperity as we come into the new year!

6 Responses to “12 Month - Debt Payoff Update”

  1. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Congratulations and wow what an amazing accomplishment to have paid off $18k in debt. That is super impressive.

  2. CB in the City Says:


  3. Mooshocker Says:

    Absolutely awesome update! I am so proud of you and your family! Your focus and diligence is inspiring and I am so happy for you. Keep blogging! Can't wait to share in the end of your journey!

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Congratulations!! You are doing fantastic.

  5. NACA Online Says:

    It's wonderful to read how you have taken control of your finances and are working so diligently to erase your debt!

    Having a disciplined household budget is a key element to succeeding in the NACA program, so it looks as if you will have a very good head start on the NACA home buying process.

    Actually, it's never too soon to start the NACA process, even if you aren't ready to buy right away. I suggest you go ahead and sign up for a Home Buyer's Workshop in the NACA website as soon as is convenient.

    Tim Trumble
    Online Operations, NACA

  6. terri77 Says:

    Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations to you. Just think where you'll be this time next year at that pace!

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